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Florence Pugh’s height, weight, age, body measurements, net worth, TV shows and movies

This article is on Florence Pugh covering her height, weight, age, body measurements, net worth, TV shows, and movies.

Florence Pugh has rapidly become one of the most enviable actresses in Hollywood. With an Academy Award nomination already under her belt at just 27 years old, her star is clearly on the rise. But in addition to her considerable talents on screen, people are also curious to know more about Florence off-screen too – from how tall she is to her current net worth.

Florence Pugh: Her Vital Stats, Wealth, and Career on Screen

Florence Pugh is a talented actress whose trajectory in Hollywood has been phenomenal. Despite being just 27 years old, she has already made a significant impact in the film industry with her diverse acting range and captivating performances. This article delves deeper into Pugh’s journey, including her early career, breakthrough moments, and future projects, painting a vivid picture of why she is one of the most talented actresses to watch out for in Hollywood.

Vital Statistics

So just how tall is Florence Pugh? She stands at a modest 5 feet 3 inches or 160 centimetres. Weighing in at around 55 kilograms or 121 pounds, the British actress has an average build with vital statistics of 34-28-35 inches or 86-71-89 centimetres. With lovely long blonde hair and striking blue eyes, Florence’s beauty often garners as much attention as her acting abilities do.

Florence Pugh’s Age

Born on January 3, 1996, Florence Pugh’s current age is 27 years old as of 2023. She was born in Oxford, England to Deborah and Clinton Pugh, who ran a pub together. Florence has three younger siblings and a half-brother.

She discovered her passion for acting at a young age and persuaded her parents to allow her to attend an audition for the popular BBC show Outnumbered when she was just 6 years old. Although she didn’t get the part, she continued honing her craft and was a natural talent.

Early Career and Education:

Florence Pugh was born in Oxford, England, in 1996, and grew up in the small town of Witney. She developed an interest in acting while studying at Wychwood School and later trained at the prestigious Drama Centre London.

Her career journey began with small TV roles and theatrical productions, including the role of Cordelia in the King Lear adaptation.

Florence Pugh's height weight age net worth

Breakthrough Roles:

In 2016, Pugh landed her first major film role in Carol Morley’s “The Falling”, which was highly praised by critics. However, it was her starring role in William Oldroyd’s “Lady Macbeth” in 2017 that marked her breakthrough moment.

Her portrayal of the commanding yet vulnerable Katherine garnered critical acclaim, earning her a nomination for the BAFTA Rising Star Award.

Pugh continued her success in 2019 when she played the lead in Ari Aster’s thriller, “Midsommar.” Her performance as Dani, a woman who experiences a devastating loss and then travels to a remote Swedish community, earned her critical acclaim and further cemented her as a rising star.

She also appeared in the blockbuster hit “Little Women” as Amy March, earning a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the 92nd Academy Awards.

Her Net Worth

All of Florence Pugh’s hard work is certainly paying off when considering her net worth. Starting her career in 2014, Florence has amassed an impressive, estimated net worth of $5 million by the young age of 26.

And with many more prominent lead roles in high-grossing films still to come, Florence Pugh’s net worth is likely to grow exponentially over the next few years.

TV Shows

While Florence Pugh is best known for her film roles now, some of her first gigs were in British television shows. She made her professional acting debut at 17 years old in the drama series Studio City.

Over the next few years, Florence also appeared on several episodes of shows like Silks, The Falling, and Marcella. However, it was her stand-out performance in the three-part drama The Little Drummer Girl in 2018 that first brought Florence significant critical acclaim.


Since her film debut in 2014’s The Falling, Florence Pugh has held her own against some of Hollywood’s biggest names and delivered powerful performances in several notable movies:

Lady Macbeth (2016) – Florence played the lead role of Katherine, an oppressed young woman trapped in a joyless marriage to an older man. Craving her freedom, she embarks on a passionate affair and conspires to have her husband murdered. Florence earned plenty of praise for her brilliant portrayal of a complex anti-heroine.

Outlaw King (2018) – Starring opposite Hollywood heartthrob Chris Pine, Florence shone in this historical action epic as Elizabeth de Burgh, the clever wife of medieval Scottish king Robert the Bruce.

Fighting with My Family (2019) – Based on a true story, Florence flexed both her comedic and dramatic skills as real-life wrestler Saraya “Paige” Bevis who rose from a scrappy WWE hopeful to dethroning the divas champion against all odds.

Little Women (2019) – Florence held her own against award-winning veterans like Saoirse Ronan and Meryl Streep in this acclaimed adaptation of the beloved coming-of-age novel. As the spoiled rich girl Amy, her complexity and chemistry with co-stars earned great reviews.

Midsommar (2019) – Leaving a huge impression, Florence played lead protagonist Dani who slowly unravels while trapped in a sinister pagan cult in this visually stunning horror story from director Ari Aster.

Black Widow (2021) – As the bold “little sis” spy Yelena, Florence stole scenes opposite Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff in this long-awaited Marvel film.

Don’t Worry Darling (2022) – In a psychological thriller set in the 1950s, Florence plays Alice, a picture-perfect housewife hiding sinister secrets. Directed by Olivia Wilde, Florence’s tense performance is already sparking Oscar buzz.

Oppenheimer (2023)– Starring alongside household names like Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt and Matt Damon, Florence joins this all-star cast in director Christopher Nolan’s biopic about J. Robert Oppenheimer and his involvement in developing the first atomic bomb.

Upcoming Movies

With Florence Pugh’s reputation as a rising star firmly cemented now, she has several more hotly anticipated films in the works:

  • Dolly – Produced by and starring Florence, this drama follows an unusual woman who tries to hold her unconventional family together against the backdrop of a robot-filled near future.
  • The Wonder – Adapting the popular novel, Florence will play English nurse Lib who travels to an Irish village in 1862 to observe a young fasting girl’s miraculous survival without food.
  • We Live in Time – Pugh has been cast in an upcoming film titled “We Live in Time” directed by Erin McSherry. Further details about the film are yet to be announced.

Please note that release dates and casting information for upcoming movies can be subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to stay updated with official announcements and news sources.

Florence Pugh with her pet
Florence Pugh with her pet

Acting Style and Influences:

Florence Pugh’s acting style is versatile and distinctive, and she often portrays strong female characters. She has cited Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, and Meryl Streep as her influences in acting.

Pugh’s approach to her characters is to bring them to life by exploring their inner psyche and thought processes, without being too theatrical. Her realistic portrayal of characters makes it effortless for audiences to connect with her on-screen.

Personal Life and Advocacy:

Pugh values privacy and doesn’t divulge much about her personal life. However, she is vocal about her advocacy for feminism, body positivity, and mental health. Pugh has been candid about her past struggles with anxiety and depression, and she has often highlighted the importance of open conversations about mental health.

Pugh has also been a vocal supporter of women’s rights and has spoken out against the objectification of women in the media. She has used her platform to advocate for a more inclusive society, where all individuals are valued and respected, regardless of their gender, race, or religion.

Florence Pugh’s rise to fame has been rapid, but it is not surprising given her talent and passion for acting. Her performances are captivating, and her ability to bring complex characters to life is commendable.

With her upcoming projects, it’s evident that Pugh’s career will continue to soar, and she is poised to become one of the leading actresses of our time. Beyond her acting, Pugh’s advocacy for mental health, feminism, and inclusivity is admirable and inspiring.

As we continue to witness Pugh’s talent and advocacy efforts, we can’t help but be eager to see the legacy she will leave in Hollywood and beyond.

Florence Pugh has all the raw talent combined with sharp instincts for intriguing roles to become the next big Hollywood sensation. Fans eagerly await seeing her career and surely her subsequent paychecks soar even higher over the coming years.

Turning just 27 years old in 2023, the tiny but mighty actress still has so much to show the world. Audiences simply can’t take their eyes off her whether she’s gracing red carpets or silver screens – and her megastar status will undoubtedly keep rising for a long time to come.

What is Florence Pugh weight?

Florence Pugh weight is 130 lbs. or 59 Kg.

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